Why Pampering Pets... 
Home is where the heart is; Home is our place where we receive our nurturing and love. As the founder of Pampering Pets I strongly believe and feel our animals are a lot like us, and in some ways more in tuned to their surroundings; for most, to be up rooted can be devastating, when pet owners leave for a day or prolonged period of time there isn't a more familiar place to the pet then in the safety of their own homes. 
It's an honor to have been gifted with a career in pet sitting.  I absolutely love caring for pets; they always have a special way of making each day more memorable...

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Gretchen Mertz founder of Pampering Pets: 

As a young college student I started pet sitting for my neighbors.  I was pet sitting for 10 years when a dear friend started a pet sitting service on the north shore; he asked me if I’d be interested in working for his sitting service, At Your Home Professional Pet Sitters, I was thrilled.  I began working as a professional pet sitter in 2002 and I can’t remember a more rewarding job.